Domestic Mask

Description and usage

Non-medical mask

Available to adults and to children
Fabric: tightly woven cotton
3 at ($15.00) & 4 at ($20.00)
Color: various
Elastic: at the ears and if it is too long, tie a knot with it
Filter at your discretion
No need of nose pliers
Care: machine wash, water 60 degrees Celsius with laundry soap.
Threading: wash hands with soap, put the elastic bands on the ears and adjust.
Cannot be worn for more than 4 hours.
After use: provide a Ziploc bag or other to enclose it as long as the mask is not washed immediately. Do not touch the surface of the mask to remove it, just remove it with the elastic bands and wash your hands after the mask is well in a bag or in the washing machine. Machine dry on the regular cycle or in the sun.

When you receive your mask, wash it as explained above, iron it with hot iron. Follow the instructions to ensure the effectiveness of this mask.

$15.00 / Thickness 3

$20.00 / Thickness 4